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Welcome! We provide electronic check-ins; tools for taking occupational life with preventative measures; self-empowerment, guidance, and video support for clients in need to succeed in their respective marketplaces. Take a look around and explore the various services we offer and testimonials of our work.


About OT and Hope Therapy Center

Advising with Purpose

We are here to lighten the load off your shoulders. As a positive occupational therapist professional whose first priority is always in the interest of the clients; providing capability, adaptability, and scalability. Since 2010, we’ve been serving loyal clients in ND - get in touch to start taking in the services today. 

Lead Therapist’s biography-

Dedicated professional with over a couple decades of experience in business management, healthcare & insurance industries. Traveling therapist to provide P.A.T.S. (Personal Advisory Therapy Services) in workplaces and schools for employees, staff, & teachers. Focuses on administering of new innovative programs, direct therapies with all age populations, & prevention of future ailments. Coaching of selected individuals to achieve personal and professional success in their every day occupations. Provide employers with a multi-level add-on employee benefit packages in wellness & occupational life specialties to increase mental & physical well-being while on the job. 

Selected in 2012 as Bismarck Tribune ND Business Watch "40 under 40". Completed higher education certifications in: survivorship training and rehab, certified lymphedema therapy in upper extremities, cognitive behavioral group therapist, certification mental health in integrative medicine provider, and training in trauma sensitive schools. Volunteered at numerous places over the past couple decades (i.e. women in business groups, chamber of commerce member, soup kitchen, community-based organizations, local sports teams, etc.). Motivational speaking to groups or individuals looking for longing and understanding of better living from stresses, diseases, disabilities, and illnesses. 

Married with 5 kids and live on a ranch. Enjoys the outdoors: fishing, camping, water skiing, boating, and spending time with family and friends as well as any sporting event of our kids. Hobbies/ interests include fitness, outdoors, and helping others with needs to improve their life with more meaning and health. 

About HTC

Hope Therapy Center PLLC is a private, independent wellness and occupational life practice with nationally registered, state licensed occupational therapist on staff with specialties in mental health integrative medicine provider, cancer survivorship training and rehab, cognitive behavioral therapy, trauma sensitive schools, and uses telehealth platform and scheduled appointments for preventative measures to deliver a membership as not to worry about diagnosis or “label“ of symptoms but to focus on healing of whole person- mind, body, & spirit. Even though insurance is not needed to process for services, we can provide receipt for health membership to turn into a HSA. Check out the full website at



Email Check-In’s 

Our services are customized to meet the specific needs of each client. We work collaboratively throughout the entire process providing regular consistent check-ins on how things are going.

Available with: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, W.O.L.F.F. 360, W.O.L.F.F. 360 Plus Plans

Intake forms

The initial visit will require answering some questions via email or electronic format with privacy compliance and in order to get to know more about you, your work, co-workers or students, information about situations at work.

Available with: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, W.O.L.F.F. 360, W.O.L.F.F. 360 Plus Plans


On a regular basis, surveys will be sent out to check up on satisfaction of your program, needs, and future recommendations for yourself. This is different per service plan.

Available with: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, W.O.L.F.F. 360, W.O.L.F.F. 360 Plus Plans

Outcome Measure Index Assessments

Assessments and checklists are a comprehensive, evidence-based approach for interventions. It will give answers to certain areas of weaknesses in order to advance to the next level of success. 

Available with: Silver, Gold, Platinum, W.O.L.F.F. 360, W.O.L.F.F. 360 Plus Plans


Use of Client Portal

Clients are the number one priority, and services prove just how committed to their success we are. Access to your own client portal is another way to keep on top of previous sessions, notes, and invoices.

Available with: Silver, Gold, Platinum, W.O.L.F.F. 360, W.O.L.F.F. 360 Plus Plans

Access to Instant Chat app

Access to the instant chat app with an assigned therapist when questions arise during working hours to get answers on the fly. 

Available with: Gold, Platinum, W.O.L.F.F. 360, W.O.L.F.F. 360 Plus Plans

Access to Telehealth video app

Video communication for yourself or a classroom or workplace, when wanting to go over some concerns or life skills or motivational speaking for your staff. Future of training from health professionals and educate together via long distances. 

Available with: Gold, Platinum, W.O.L.F.F. 360, W.O.L.F.F. 360 Plus Plans

Summer onsite visits*

Summer time visit to your workplace to assist in organizing your workspace, modifying the environment for better productivity, and help with set up of yearly tasks. *Ask about details of this service as it is limited per year but is definitely worth the price. 

Available with: W.O.L.F.F. 360 Plus Plans

Do you need help making workplace decisions, finding your self-worth in a place you don’t feel appreciates you, or need assistance with other things in the working environment? Contact us today and let’s get you back on track.



Have a particular challenge you’re trying to deal with? Send email with your name, place of work or grade teaching, immediate concerns, plan you would like to subscribe to, and any other helpful information

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North Dakota, USA

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